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Helping Clients Navigate Public Benefits and Social Services

Helping Clients Navigate Public Benefits and Social Services

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Helping Clients Navigate Public Benefits and Social Services

  • LISC provides an overview of the eight major government benefits that are commonly used by Americans. CFP® professionals will also gain an understanding of how to access a client’s need and the importance of non-judgmental language when speaking with a client about accessing benefits.
  • findhelp provides an overview of how to connect people in need with local programs that serve to help them. CFP® professionals will learn how to search findhelp’s online directory of free and reduced-cost services and share the programs with their clients.
  • Leap Fund provides an overview of benefits cliff. CFP® professionals will learn more about what it is and how it might impact the decisions that clients are faced with. CFP® professionals can share this sample email with nonprofit organizations they volunteer with to help the organizations understand how the Leap Fund’s Benefits Cliff Coaching Program can support both its clients and financial coaches.

Navigating public benefits is a challenge for many Americans. Equipped with the right knowledge and know-how, CFP® professionals can help make the process a little easier for their pro bono clients. CFP® professional volunteers can partner with clients on their journey to identify government programs that may help them pay for food, housing, health care, and other basic living expenses. This includes educating clients on the types of benefits that exist, helping them to understand eligibility requirements, and recognizing benefits cliffs. In this webinar, our presenters will discuss the eight major government benefit programs, how to assess a client’s needs for assistance, the financial impact of benefit cliffs and how to find and connect with community resources.

  • Learn the eight major benefit programs that are commonly used by American families.
  • Identify the eligibility requirements for each public benefit program and the government agency that provides the benefit.
  • Learn how to assess a client’s need for assistance and the communications skills that will encourage a client to access the resources available to them.
  • Understand what a benefit cliff is, when benefit cliff comes up and how it impacts financial decision making.
  • Learn to connect with community resources through online social service networks using


  • Amber Castor, Program Coordinator at Volunteers of America- Texas
  • Ellary Makuch, Program Officer, Local Initiatives Support Corporation
  • Shoshana Marder, Senior Program Lead and Product Manager at Leap Fund
  • Colton Naval, Community Engagement Manager at findhelp