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CFP Board Partnership

After years of informal collaboration to promote pro bono financial planning services, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board) and the Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) made the partnership official by entering into a Pro Bono Collaboration Agreement in 2022.


Most CFP® professionals believe that it is important to provide pro bono services to people in need. The challenge has been converting that interest into action. CFP Board is focused on raising awareness of pro bono financial planning with CFP® professionals, encouraging them to volunteer their services and increasing the number of CFP® professionals willing to commit their time and expertise. FFP provides CFP® professionals with a diverse array of pro bono financial planning opportunities and offers training and resources to help them be successful in their volunteer service.

Kevin Keller, CEO at CFP Board, on the importance of pro bono financial planning.


CFP Board believes in the value and importance of pro bono financial planning — both to help underserved communities and people in need or crisis, as well as to elevate and enrich the financial planning profession.

As part of its commitment, the organization employs a full-time pro bono manager to help engage CFP® professionals in pro bono work, provides information and resources to help them get started, and conducts outreach to CFP® professionals to encourage them to report pro bono hours and find pro bono opportunities. CFP Board also engages CFP® professionals and others in the financial services community through events and other communications to raise awareness about the personal and professional benefits of pro bono financial planning service.

For more information on CFP Board’s pro bono efforts and how you can get involved, contact CFP Board’s Pro Bono Manager, Moley Evans, at or visit