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CFP Board Partnership


Foundation for Financial Planning is proud to work with CFP® professionals across the country to provide pro bono financial planning to people in need. The CFP® professional credential is often called the “gold standard” for financial planning professionals because of the high level of ethics, professionalism, competency and experience that it represents. Learn more about what makes CFP® professionals different here.

Partnership with CFP Board

Through FFP’s partnership with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board), we seek to advance the provision of pro bono financial planning to underserved communities in the United States.  By building awareness and fostering a pro bono service commitment among CFP® professionals, CFP Board is working with FFP to grow the supply of CFP® professionals who engage in pro bono financial planning.

Supporting the Pro Bono Efforts of CFP® Professionals

CFP Board is working with FFP to:

  • Track pro bono activity of CFP® professionals
  • Promote, FFP’s free, digital matching platform, as well as volunteer opportunities for CFP® professionals virtually and in communities across the United States.
  • Vet volunteers registered on the to ensure that they are CFP® professionals.
  • Continue to include questions about pro bono financial planning in the biannual CFP Certificant Survey to understand how pro bono activity is evolving over time.
  • Help to develop education and training resources to enhance the preparedness and confidence of CFP® professionals providing pro bono financial planning to low-income clients.
  • Provide CFP® professionals with a “Pro Bono Welcome Packet” to introduce them to pro bono training and resources, insurance, Pro Bono Planner Match, etc, as well as a quarterly newsletter.

Registered Program Excellence in Pro Bono Award

This award recognizes one CFP Board Registered Program for making significant contributions to pro bono financial planning while providing exceptional experiential learning opportunities to students. The winning program receives a $5,000 grant to use for future pro bono activities.

Past winners of the Registered Program Excellence in Pro Bono Award:

Awarded to:

2020: Utah Valley University
2019: University of Georgia