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2019 Grantees

2019 Grantees

In 2019, Austin Habitat will build upon the 2018 Pro Bono Financial Planning Initiative by offering group workshops and continuing to provide one-on-one sessions with pro bono financial planning. Austin Habitat works in partnership with the Austin Chapter of the FPA.

Britepaths has two distinct one-on-one financial literacy efforts that it has combined into “A Brighter Path to Financial Stability” program, funded in part by FFP. The program supports low- and middle-income individuals through a one-touch Financial Counseling Clinic, as well as deeper long-term financial help through one-on-one mentoring.

The CASH Campaign of Maryland promotes economic advancement for low-to-moderate income individuals and families in Baltimore and across Maryland. Its Financial Coaching Expansion Project integrates one-on-one sessions with pro bono financial planners into CASH’s well established financial coaching program.

CENTS’ Financial Navigation Clinic for Patients with Cancer will specially train CFP® professionals and connect them with cancer patients for individual financial consultations and planning. Through CENTS, patients and families can also access patient advocates who can help with health insurance and pharma assistance, and if needed, volunteer bankruptcy attorneys.

Compass Working Capital will extend the reach of the financial coaching and counseling it currently provides to families with low incomes living in federally subsidized housing, by partnering with financial planners in the local community to provide workshops and one-on-one services to its clients on complex financial topics.

EnAct Community Action’s Financial Planning program focuses on helping low-income families with student loan debt. Although many students receive family support, family members are often unable to provide financial advice. EnAct has partnered with a daycare to provide child care while participants receive one-on-one financial coaching from volunteer financial planners.

Family Reach,  in partnership with FFP and the FPA, developed the Financial Planning for Cancer Program which pairs cancer patients and their families with pro bono financial planners to help them manage cash flow and debt during cancer treatment. This program leverages a digital hub that matches CFP® professionals with patients and caregivers to ensure consistent professional standards, and an eLearning program that ensures CFP’s®  are equipped to provide families facing cancer with the best support possible.

Financial Independence Training (FIT) sponsors Financial Readiness Clinics (FRC) where FPA financial planners work one-on-one with military members, empowering them to achieve financial stability and avoid compromising mission readiness. Readiness to deploy and accomplish their unit’s mission is the military member’s responsibility…FRC coaching identifies dangerous pitfalls common in the lives of young military members that can derail them from achieving their goals. FFP’s grant will advance FRCs expansion within the Marine Corps and extend it to the Navy.

Supported by FFP, FPA®’s Pro Bono Program activates financial planning volunteers to deliver pro bono services to people in need, helping underserved individuals and families—including low- to moderate-income individuals, inmates, young adults, military, domestic violence survivors, homeless individuals and more—to build assets and improve their lives.

Through a collaborative Design Sprint, FFP and GreenPath will work with stakeholders to explore ways that we might transcend the traditional boundaries of “financial planning” and “credit counseling,” with a goal of better meeting the needs of people that have limited means.

FFP’s grant to KCADV will support financial planning sessions for domestic violence survivors in Kentucky. While KCADV provides financial education and asset building services, this Program will give survivors an opportunity to meet with a trusted, financial expert who can answer their individual needs.

The Atrium Health’s Levine Cancer Institute, in partnership with FFP, is offering comprehensive multidisciplinary financial planning and support for patient with hematologic malignancies.  Oncologists expect that by decreasing the financial stress and difficulties these greatly at-risk patients are experiencing, there will be not only improvement in their quality of life, but also increase their survival.

In partnership with Building Homes for Heroes (BHH), the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors Consumer Education Foundation provides pro bono financial planning services to wounded veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, through which NCEF volunteer planners are matched with a veteran for at least a 2-year period.

The Smart With Your Money Financial Planning Clinics connect low-income and underserved populations—many of them active military or veterans—with pro bono financial planners to assist them on their path to financial well-being and self-sufficiency.

United Policyholders (UP), FFP, and local FPA chapters are teaming up to develop tools and resources to bring one-on-one financial planning assistance to individuals impacted by natural disasters. Financial guidance is key to helping communities recover from disasters, and this partnership will help bring pro bono financial planners to individuals that are in desperate need of their services.

Through the Yellow Ribbon Network, an online platform, VeteransPlus will connect low-income and underserved Military and Veteran families with pro bono financial planners to assist them on their path to financial well-being and self-sufficiency.

The Women’s Center Financial Literacy Program serves low- and moderate-income women residing in Greater Boston, many of whom have experienced violence and abuse. The Program teaches women about money management, while also building self-confidence and dispelling fears of financial decision-making.

Volunteer Opportunities

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We are also recruiting financial planners from around the country to volunteer with our Financial Planning for Cancer program, managed by grantees Family Reach and CENTS. Click here to sign up now.

Grantee Spotlight

Financial Independence Training, Inc.

With support from the Foundation for Financial Planning, FIT has served hundreds of members of the military through its Financial Readiness Clinics. At these events, individuals and families are able to sit down with CFP® professionals for free, one-on-one planning sessions where they can share their concerns, ask questions, and receive practical action-plans.