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FFP Volunteer Agreement

For Use by Nonprofit Organization and Volunteer Financial Planner

This is an agreement between ____________, a Nonprofit Organization (hereinafter “Organization”) and ______________, a Volunteer Financial Planner (hereinafter “Planner”). Organization is a nonprofit charitable organization incorporated in __________ whose mission is to _________________________________________________. Organization is recruiting Planner to volunteer to assist its pro bono clients in understanding and improving their personal finances.

By signing up to be a pro bono financial planner, Planner agrees to these terms:

  • Planner is part of a financial planning professional organization OR designation that operates under a professional standard of care to stay current in the profession and place a client’s interests first (i.e., a fiduciary standard of care). Planner is either a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional in good standing with the CFP Board or agrees to conduct Planner’s volunteer work in conjunction with and under the oversight of a CFP® professional.
  • Planner will comply with the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.
  • Planner will receive no compensation for this service and will not receive any gifts (beyond tokens of thanks for volunteering, such as pens, pins, or other minor giveaways) for providing services pursuant to this agreement.
  • If at any time a pro bono client requests an ongoing paid financial planning engagement with Planner, Planner will refer the pro bono client to an association or accreditation “find a planner” website to pursue client’s options.
  • Planner acknowledges that this is not lead generation, prospective client cultivation or commercial opportunity, and Planner will not endorse, sell or advertise any firm’s products or services to a pro bono client.
  • Any presentation made by Planner will be educational/informational and not promotional. Planner will not reference his/her company or promote any products/services.
  • Planner will not typically identify the name of his or her firm to the client to guard against the appearance of any sort of marketing/promotion (e.g., Planner will introduce his/herself to a Pro Bono Client as John Doe, not John Doe from XYX Company).
  • Planner will not distribute business cards or business merchandise nor will Planner solicit clients.
  • Planner has received approval from his/her firm (including, where applicable, firm’s Compliance Department) to provide financial planning to pro bono clients.
  • Planner will not give financial guidance or advice outside of his/her scope of expertise.
  • Planner will take the online Pro Bono Financial Planning Volunteer Training and/or other applicable trainings required by the Organization.
  • Planner agrees that Organization may contact appropriate companies, organizations or licensing entities to verify information on the volunteer application.

In recruiting and engaging Planner to be a Volunteer, Organization agrees to:

  • Provide Planner with the training, tools, and resources needed to provide the pro bono service.
  • Manage the program engaging Planner, and retain copies of each Letter of Engagement between Planner and Planner’s pro bono clients.
  • Assist Planner with reasonable requests that help Planner perform the service, including potentially providing background information on community-based or government benefits, services and referrals that may be helpful to the pro bono clients.

SIGNED:_________________  Planner                           ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________Organization