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Kristen’s Story

966 1024 FFP

Kristen’s Story Late in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic was wreaking financial havoc on communities (more…)

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Steve’s Story

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Steve’s Story For Steve Gilbertson, CFP®, working with pro bono clients reaffirms a fundamental truth: (more…)

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Otto’s Story

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Otto’s Story Otto Rivera, CFP® is driven by a deep desire to help others that (more…)

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Jessie’s Story

986 1024 FFP

Jessie’s Story Prior to pursuing her CFP® certification, Jessica Doll had not studied finances or (more…)

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Kevin’s Story

609 1024 FFP

Kevin’s Story As Kevin Lam, CFP® entered retirement, he finally had the opportunity to do (more…)

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Don’s Story

391 391 FFP

Don’s Story Don Khieu, CFP®, has a heart for helping others improve their finances. Having (more…)

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The Retirement Resilience Program’s Story

1024 683 FFP

The Retirement Resilience Program’s Story As millions of Americans enter retirement each year, many find (more…)

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Mark Johannessen, CFP®, AIF®

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“Given the large number of CFP® professionals offering pro bono guidance today, it is hard to believe that prior to 9/11, pro bono financial planning was merely an aspiration.”

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Erica’s Story

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“Remember that pro bono clients are a different type of client than high wealth clients, and we must meet them where they are.”

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Hussain’s Story

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“The folks I spoke with didn’t have a ton of money… but they were really engaged, responsible, highly motivated individuals who were really wanting to take care of their finances.”

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Karin’s Story

681 1024 FFP

Karin’s Story Karin McKerahan, MBA, CFP®, has been in the financial planning industry for over (more…)

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Felix’s Story

959 1024 FFP

Felix’s Story Felix Barraza, MBA, CFP® is a financial professional with AIG Retirement Services and (more…)

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Yusuf’s Story

300 402 FFP

Yusuf’s Story Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP®, believes in the power of showing up and giving back. (more…)

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Paul’s Story

1024 683 FFP

Paul’s Story Paul Austin, CFP®, was looking for a way to give back. He wanted (more…)

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Garrett’s Story

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Garrett’s Story Garrett Sloan, CFP®, is motivated by a passion for giving back, especially to (more…)

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Rick’s Story

299 305 FFP

Rick’s Story For over 10 years, Rick Fingerman, CFP®, has managed the pro bono financial (more…)

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Sarah’s Story

400 411 FFP

Sarah’s Story Sarah Baker, CFP®, has always found great meaning and purpose in pro bono (more…)

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Kian’s Story

1024 981 FFP

Kian’s Story Jets zoomed overhead and the roaring sound of helicopters and machine guns filled (more…)

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Susan’s Story

722 722 FFP

Susan Williams’ Story Susan Williams well remembers an email that changed her life. The email (more…)

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