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Darrell’s Story

793 685 FFP

“I feel relieved and empowered. I have a safety net. And now that I am investing, I feel confident in my financial future… And if someone I know needs help, I am in a place to help the people around me.”

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Erica’s Story

399 408 FFP

“Remember that pro bono clients are a different type of client than high wealth clients, and we must meet them where they are.”

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Serenity’s Story

1024 969 FFP

“Having someone tell me that taking money out of a retirement account is an option, that people do this and it is ok … that took a load of the stress off. Now I am more hopeful than scared.”

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Yusuf’s Story

300 402 FFP

Yusuf’s Story Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP®, believes in the power of showing up and giving back. (more…)

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The Young Family’s Story

423 367 FFP

The Young Family’s Story *Modified with permission from For families, early childhood is a (more…)

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The Longo Family’s Story

1024 844 FFP

The Longos’ Story Mike and Leslie Longo were busy raising three young children in the (more…)

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