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Past Webinar

Helping Clients Overcome Money Anxiety

1024 964 FFP

March 15, 2023 at 1:00 PM EST | 1 CE Credit for CFP and AFCPE Professionals (applied for)
Money consistently tops the list of sources of stress for Americans Money is also the leading cause of stress in relationships. In this presentation, Ryan will discuss money anxiety …

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The Psychology of Money: Understanding a Client’s Financial Decisions

683 1024 FFP

January 18, 2023 at 1:00 PM EST | 1 CE Credit for CFP and AFCPE Professionals (applied for)
Recognition of the impact of psychology on financial decisions is ever increasing, as is evidenced by the CFP Board’s recent decision to include components of psychology in …

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Tapping Clients’ Strengths to Create Behavior Change

819 1024 FFP

November 3, 2022 at 1:00 PM EST | 1 CE Credit for CFP and AFCPE Professionals
Financial therapy is the integration of emotion, thoughts, behavior, relationships, and its effect on financial and overall well-being. Financial therapists tap into one or more of these areas …

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Diversity and Inclusion: Empathy or Sympathy?

320 320 FFP

September 7, 2022 at 1:00 PM EST | 1 CE Credit for CFP and AFCPE Professionals
Dr. Thomas unpacks the differences between empathy and sympathy, the effects on diversity and inclusion based on these lenses, and how to effectively utilize empathy in your diversity and …

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How to Start a Pro Bono Financial Planning Program

853 539 FFP

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals meet rigorous education, training, and ethical standards and are committed to serving their clients’ best interests to prepare them for secure financial futures. Their expert assistance can help empower pro bono clients, helping them prioritize and …

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Using Financial Counseling Skills to Better Serve Pro Bono Clients

830 526 FFP

CFP® professionals can advise clients on complex financial matters such as financial planning, taxes, and retirement while an advisor with an AFC® designation focuses more on assisting clients with everyday financial challenges and spending habits. This webinar will explore the ways in which …

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Using Financial Empathy to Help All Clients Achieve Financial Well-being and Empowerment

425 315 FFP

Race, ethnicity, and gender play a significant role in how consumers interact with the financial services industry. This webinar explores financial well-being across a diverse set of identity groups and discusses the how financial planners can use financial empathy …

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Public Benefits & Other Social Services: What Pro Bono Advisors Need to Know

335 347 FFP

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of public benefits and social services, including: detailed explanations of entitlement and welfare programs such as Social Security Disability Insurance and SNAP, eligibility criteria, and how to apply …

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