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Our Military Programs

The Johnson Family’s Story

550 596 FFP

The Johnson Family’s Story Garfield Johnson, a proud military servicemember, and his wife Tia, were (more…)

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Hussain’s Story

545 545 FFP

“The folks I spoke with didn’t have a ton of money… but they were really engaged, responsible, highly motivated individuals who were really wanting to take care of their finances.”

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Karin’s Story

681 1024 FFP

Karin’s Story Karin McKerahan, MBA, CFP®, has been in the financial planning industry for over (more…)

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Michael’s Story

296 217 FFP

Michael’s Story When he joined the Army at 18 years old, Michael Villagran thought he (more…)

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Kian’s Story

1024 981 FFP

Kian’s Story Jets zoomed overhead and the roaring sound of helicopters and machine guns filled (more…)

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FIT’s Story

1024 885 FFP

FIT’s Story David Block, a retired U.S. Army officer and CFP® professional, saw many active (more…)

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Susan’s Story

722 722 FFP

Susan Williams’ Story Susan Williams well remembers an email that changed her life. The email (more…)

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The Doyles’ Story

800 624 FFP

The Doyles’ Story Melissa Doyle can’t remember all the times when her husband Tony phoned (more…)

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