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Our Cancer Programs

Kevin’s Story

609 1024 FFP

Kevin’s Story As Kevin Lam, CFP® entered retirement, he finally had the opportunity to do (more…)

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Lynn’s Story

884 1024 FFP

Lynn’s Story When Lynn, a 50-year-old woman living in Minneapolis, went in for what she (more…)

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The Mang Family’s Story

1024 683 FFP

The Mang Family’s Story Peter and Katie were busy parents, working full-time while caring for (more…)

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Raven’s Story

976 1024 FFP

Raven’s son, Noel, was diagnosed with cancer at age 4. Raven’s Story *Modified with permission (more…)

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Serenity’s Story

1024 969 FFP

“Having someone tell me that taking money out of a retirement account is an option, that people do this and it is ok … that took a load of the stress off. Now I am more hopeful than scared.”

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Felix’s Story

959 1024 FFP

Felix’s Story Felix Barraza, MBA, CFP® is a financial professional with AIG Retirement Services and (more…)

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Yusuf’s Story

300 402 FFP

Yusuf’s Story Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP®, believes in the power of showing up and giving back. (more…)

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Pamela’s Story

550 645 FFP

Pamela’s Story *Modified with permission from As a school teacher, nanny, and adoptive parent (more…)

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The Young Family’s Story

423 367 FFP

The Young Family’s Story *Modified with permission from For families, early childhood is a (more…)

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Garrett’s Story

1024 683 FFP

Garrett’s Story Garrett Sloan, CFP®, is motivated by a passion for giving back, especially to (more…)

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Yi & Matt’s Story

1024 681 FFP

Yi & Matt’s Story After years of following a strict budget, young married couple Matt (more…)

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The Hicks Family’s Story

1024 795 FFP

The Hicks Family’s Story Travis Hicks, an interior architecture professor, and his wife, LouAnne, a (more…)

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The McGarry Family’s Story

1024 683 FFP

The McGarry Family’s Story The McGarrys were an ordinary middle-income family before Tracy was diagnosed (more…)

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The Longo Family’s Story

1024 844 FFP

The Longos’ Story Mike and Leslie Longo were busy raising three young children in the (more…)

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